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etica-brasile-progetto-cearaThe context

In the rural areas of Northeast of Brazil the periodic water shortages and cyclic drought are commons. The Access to water, a fundamental right of every human being, is decided more by the abuse of bad politics than by a normal law enforcement.

Where we are

In the whole state of Ceará. Cooperating with OBAS, Barreira – Cearà.

The project has two goals:

1) We build rainwater tanks made of concrete.

Each family receives one tank.

The tank capacity is of 10.000 to 16.000 liters.


The selection of families is determined by 3 criterias:

1) The larger family
2) Families who  lives further from water sources like rivers, lakes and public wells.
3) Families have to enroll their minor children to school.

2) teaching young farmworkers to deal with the drought

They learn techniques to save waste water and use it for cultivation.


Results as of 31/12/2019

442 rainwater tanks built  / 5  young farmers professionalized

(2617 people benefited)