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PROGETTO BAHIA  (1998 – 2006) 


160 children with HIV parents assisted in cooperation with IBCM (Instituiçao Beneficente Conceiçao Macedo) based in Salvador, Bahia.



PROGETTO VIDA (2005 – 2015)


 500 children suffering malnutrition assisted and totally healed in cooperation with IPREDE (Instituto di Prevençao a Desnutriçao) based in Fortaleza.



 PROGETTO PETER PAN (2006 – 2018)


250  children with cancer assisted with specific food supplying and psicological assistance.

Donation of a House Shelter (Lar Cristina Rizzi) for the cohabitation of the children and their relatives during the period of the medical treatment.

In cooperation with Centro Pediatrico do Cancer (Associaçao Peter Pan). 

(CPC- HIAS) Fortaleza